DFP TECHNOLOGIES offers a list of solutions for the recovering, the refurbishing and the upgrading of old XRD systems of any manufacturer:

– Recovery, cleaning and lubrication of the mechanical parts of the goniometer; replacement of the motors (if not working) and installation of microstep drivers

– Recovery or substitution of the detector with:

a) a new scintillating counter

b) a fast strip detector from Dectris (Mythen, Mythen2, Eiger)

c) a Inel Curved Position Sensitive gas detector, for simultaneous data collection along 120° deg 2-theta

– Replacement of the old X-ray generator and/or Tube

– Control of the tube shield and shutter

– Upgrading of collimators and slits

– Installation of new monochromators/focussing devices (Goebel mirrors, flat or curved monochromators, mono- and polycapillars)

– Installation of linear actuators and translators (micrometric Z axis, XY tables) or curved (cradles)